Happy Birthday Reno High Sierra Ninety-Nines!

The Stead airport near Reno, Nevada is known for hosting the Reno Air Races, an internationally famous aviation event. During this time, the airport is inundated with huge crowds, the sounds of high-performance aircraft racing at low altitudes, aircraft displays from biplanes to military cargo planes, and concession stands. However, on June 2nd, the airport was quiet and empty in comparison, with a few hangar doors open and a small plane or two taxiing about. But if you knew where to look, a party was being had to celebrate the founding of the Reno High Sierra Chapter of the Ninety-Nines! I’m a proud member of this award-winning chapter of the Ninety-Nines, the international organization of women pilots. Enjoy the photos below of our annual “Hangar Crawl” where we all enjoyed food and fellowship, followed by honoring our annual scholarship winner and the changing of the guard (new officers). Of special note: Our past secretary Lynn Meadows will be inducted into the 99s International Forest of Friendship for her contribution to aviation and the 99s. This is a well-deserved honor for a treasured member of our chapter – congratulations, Lynn!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Reno High Sierra Ninety-Nines!

  1. lynn meadows says:

    Very nice write up Reya….I may use part of it in our next newsletter!! Diane B. did a write up too but I haven’t read hers yet. You took some great photos….I’d love to use them IF the ones Tom took didn’t turn out….like the cake and the group photo.

    I am glad too that you and Tarl could stay an extra day. Keep on practicing…..did n’t even know what shooting awards Al has gotten…glad you have it all straight!! 😉

  2. Reya Kempley says:

    Thanks, Lynn! You may of course use some/all of it in the newsletter, including photos if you want, just let me know. It was great to see you and Tom! Happy travels this summer!!

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