Photos with Family and Friends at the Air Show

To mark official publication day, enjoy these great photos taken at the Minden Aviation Roundup by Teresa Schroeder! Thanks to all these wonderful people, my family and friends, who have helped me so much.

John B. Brown, CFI/CFII, owner of Flying Start Aero in Minden and Reno, with his student Reya Kempley and the book Flight Emergency they worked on together.

Bill Schroeder, left, Master Certified Flight Instructor, with Reya and Tarl Kempley

Janet Brown with the Kempley family

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2 Responses to Photos with Family and Friends at the Air Show

  1. Wayne Palmer says:

    Congratulations, Reya! Wow, you continue to amaze me with all you accomplish with such seeming ease (although I know it is not easy!). You have my complete respect for all that you are and all that you do. It is an honor to count you among my friends. Please give my regards to your family. All the best!

    • Reya Kempley says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Wayne! It’s truly an honor coming from someone who has accomplished as much as you have. We send our happiest wishes to you and your family!

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