Entering Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards

Have you started reading eBooks yet? After a slow start many years ago, their sales are now out­pacing tra­di­tional print books and e-readers are becoming com­mon­place. I find the idea and poten­tial of an eBook fas­ci­nating, as it is changing the way we think about and read books. Multimedia and inter­ac­tivity can now be a part of the reading expe­ri­ence, and even the pub­lishing process is more approach­able and requires a smaller up-front invest­ment. From the begin­ning I had planned on releasing elec­tronic ver­sions for Kindle, Nook, and iPad. After working through the con­ver­sion process, I now realize how much poten­tial this format has to rev­o­lu­tionize the idea of a “book.” I found it exciting to see how the inter­ac­tivity of Flight Emergency lent itself very well to the new tech­nology, using links to nav­i­gate through the path the reader chooses in each sce­nario, or to back­track and make a dif­ferent deci­sion, for example. I can imagine much more poten­tial for the future as well.

Dan Poynter and his com­pany Para Publishing LLC has always been at the fore­front of the pub­lishing industry. Now he is rec­og­nizing the quickly-growing world of eBooks in their very own awards con­test. Other book award pro­grams I’ve seen offer awards for eBooks as a side­line to print books, or do not offer dif­ferent cat­e­gories for eBooks as they do for print books. But in Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards, Flight Emergency and all other Nominated entries are com­peting against books in their own cat­e­gories, as well as “best of” cat­e­gories, such as cover and illus­tra­tions. In the coming weeks, judges will read all Nominated eBooks and select Finalists and Winners in each category.

With all the excite­ment eBooks offer, I must admit to remaining a tra­di­tion­alist in some ways. For example, can an eBook sim­u­late the old book smell, the feel of an old out-of-print book in your hands, or the fun and dis­covery of browsing the library’s base­ment stacks? Call me a book geek, but I will always enjoy reading a yel­lowed, musty vin­tage sci­ence fic­tion paper­back with a price of $0.65 on the cover and cig­a­rette adver­tise­ment inserts in the middle. eBooks won’t ever replace paper books for me — and I sus­pect many others — but they are expanding the world of reading and pub­lishing books, attracting new readers, and allowing more authors to become pub­lished who may not have had the means before. It will be exciting to see the book evolve in the future.

…And wish me luck in the Global eBook Awards!

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