Discover a World of Handmade Items (and my Aviation Illustrations!) on Etsy

book illustration from Flight Emergency

Illustration of the scary, stormy approach from the chapter "On Thin Ice" from the book Flight Emergency by Reya Kempley

Have you ever visited Etsy? It’s a fantastic online site where people from all over the world sell handmade and vintage items of all kinds, from furniture to clothing, candies to iPad cases. Members can create “treasuries,” or collections, of their favorite items within a theme of their choosing. As an example, here’s a recent treasury featuring a print of one of my illustrations from Flight Emergency, entitled “Traveling on the Wings of Angels” from Fiona Zakka in Europe. This particular one is from the chapter “On Thin Ice,” where, depending on your decisions, you might face icing in this scary storm during your approach to land!

Take a look around Etsy and you’ll find some beautifully crafted, unique items made by talented people from all over the world. Most are happy to create custom orders as well. Once you see what inventive entrepreneurs can create outside of mass-production, I bet you’ll be hooked!

P.S. If you’d like to see more of my illustrations like the one above, check out the Aviation Illustration section of rockplanet’s shop, or the book Flight Emergency.

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2 Responses to Discover a World of Handmade Items (and my Aviation Illustrations!) on Etsy

  1. Tarl says:

    I don’t understand the title of this story. What is worldwide handmade my etsy drawings blah blah blah supposed to mean? Who are you promoting here? Maybe I just don’t habla. Or maybe you’re trying for an allusion to Space Balls? “Very impressive, Lone Starr. Too bad this isn’t the wide world of sports.” Please explain.

  2. Reya Kempley says:

    At your subtle urging, I slightly changed the title…get it now? You must have been the guy Dark Helmet sent to comb the desert.

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