Special Delivery

Today was a momentous day. It wasn’t the gale-force headwind that tried – and failed – to cease my forward motion on my bicycle ride, or my experimental foray into lemon pudding cakes (which turned out delightfully, if not perfectly). Today was special because I received the first proof copy of my book!

It isn’t too often that a piece of mail demands instant attention at the mailbox. After all, isn’t it easier to bring the pile inside, especially on a breezy day, and sit down at a table like a reasonable person? But how could I wait? Standing there in the aforementioned wind, I tore open the envelope and laid my eyes on the first paper copy of the book that has lived only on a computer for so long. With a silly grin on my face, I eagerly looked over the cover, front and back (hey, that’s my name!), and flipped through the crisp pages, scanning the design I know so well. My book. It’s amazing!

Of course, soon enough, I began to see things that needed improvement: a bit of color tweaking here, a little more frame inset there…over the next few days, that clean copy will be leafed through several times in search of more details that need perfecting. Then another order will go to the printer for a secondary proof copy. I might wait next time to open the envelope until I bring it inside, but then again, I might not.

Now I get it: what can compare to the first time an author holds her book in her hands, even if it is a proof copy? April 30, 2011, you’ve been a good day. And I even have a pudding cake leftover for tomorrow.

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