Emergency: Crisis on the Flight Deck by Stanley Stewart

Emergency: Crisis on the Flight Deck by Stanley StewartLove to fly? Afraid to fly? Read this book! Recommended to me by WASP Pilot Bee Haydu’s son-in-law at AOPA Summit (see this previous post: Highlights from AOPA Aviation Summit), the book Emergency is not only thrilling real-life suspense, it also inspires confidence in and even gratitude for the heroes that make commercial air travel so safe for all of us every day. Each chapter is the harrowing story of a crisis that really happened on a commercial flight, whether it’s a severe mechanical problem leading to unintended acrobatics, a run-in with volcanic ash, or even a crazed passenger in the cockpit. The titles of each are entertaining and relate to the emergency situation (Don’t Be Fuelish – ha!). The stories are exhaustively researched in detail, but also have a narrative style that puts you right into the heart-pounding, tense situation with the crew. It is truly amazing what these highly-skilled pilots and crew dealt with and overcame safely, all with not one loss of life in the entire book! The author says in the Epilogue about the book, “Above all, it is intended to reassure.” It certainly should for anyone who reads it. As for me, I’m inspired!

Just a side note…I found it fascinating how I developed the cover and title for my book before ever laying eyes on this one, yet ended up with one something similar in design! Is there a such thing as kindred books? If you’re reading this Mr. Stewart, I’ll take it as a high compliment if anyone compares my book to yours.

Find Emergency: Crisis on the Flight Deck by Stanley Stewart on Amazon.com.

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