What Would YOU Do?

What if you could fly realistic flight emergency scenarios yourself, make critical decisions and face the consequences, all while safely on the ground? With this book, you can!

cover of book Flight Emergency
  • Jump into various scenarios as the pilot and face real life pressures
  • Encounter dangerous situations requiring your immediate action
  • Fly the outcome, as determined by what you decide to do
  • Have fun while learning by introspective trial and error

Written with student pilots in mind, these entertaining and thought-provoking interactive scenarios explore emergency procedures and decision-making in a unique, personalized way. Readers will find each story experience enriched by hand-drawn illustrations. Aspiring pilots, experienced pilots, and aviation buffs alike will all enjoy taking the left seat in Flight Emergency!

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Reya has written an excellent book on handling and preventing in-flight emergencies. It’s cleverly written in the scenario style format and it’s sure to engage the decision making part of a pilot’s brain. Reya was spot-on the glidepath in her selection and coverage of the most likely emergencies that pilots occasionally stumble into. You’ll definitely find the eight role-playing emergencies in this book well worth studying.

Rod Machado—Flight Instructor, Author, Speaker

In Flight Emergency, you’re not just reading about others’ experiences; you are the pilot! Each flight scenario requires the reader to make his or her own decisions at multiple points in the story, which in turn leads to different flight outcome possibilities, just like in real life. This approach to building aeronautical decision-making skills is not only unique and memorable, it’s entertaining too. I recommend this book to student and certificated pilots alike as a means to safer flights.

Patty Wagstaff—National Aerobatic Champion and Airshow Pilot
Inductee, National Aviation Hall of Fame

Flight Emergency is a book all pilots should consider reading to help keep them safe. Most flying accidents are caused by poor judgment and Flight Emergency helps new pilots develop their decision-making skills, while refreshing experienced pilots on the many aviation gotchas pilots encounter. Like real life, as each scenario unfolds, new complications make simple situations more complex. Author Reya Kempley sets up each scenario and offers multiple points for the reader to make decisions as one challenge leads to another. Flight Emergency is an excellent book that will leave you thirsting for more.

Max Trescott—Author and 2008 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year

Flight Emergency is a must-read for all pilots wanting to challenge their aeronautical decision-making skills. Ms. Kempley, an accomplished pilot herself, has developed realistic, thought-provoking scenarios and outcomes that will surely be of interest to all persons reading this book. I highly recommend this book as a meaningful way of testing aeronautical decision-making skills.

Bill Schroeder, Master Certified Flight Instructor
FAASTeam Lead Representative, Reno Flight Standards District Office
FAA Western Pacific Region FAASTeam Representative of the Year 2011
Check Pilot Examiner, Nevada Wing Civil Air Patrol

Awards, Recognition, Publicity

  • 4/5-Star Review by Leslie Wright on Blog Critics, TicToc, Amazon, Shelfari, and Goodreads. Also published in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (PI), May 24, 2012
  • 5/5-Star Review on Aviationbookreviews by Rene Verjans, April 26, 2012 (Netherlands)
  • Review in Aviation for Women, the Official Publication of Women in Aviation, International, March/April 2012 by Kelsey Lynch
  • Book Review in 99 News, The Official Magazine of the International Organization of Women Pilots, January/February/March 2012 by Jill D. Smith
  • Named a Highlighted Title by Independent Publisher Online: “These books are honored each month for exhibiting superior levels of creativity, originality, and high standards of design and production quality.” See it under the Aviation category on the Independent Publisher website.
  • 5-Star Review on Amazon.com by the Midwest Book Review: “Thousands of feet in the air is no place to choke in a dangerous situation. Flight Emergency: Take the Left Seat in Eight Role-Playing Emergency Scenarios is a companion guide to those who are earning their wings and taking to the sky and want to be as prepared as possible for the worst of situations to strike where one wrong move spells their certain death. With plenty of exercises to consider even when grounded, Flight Emergency is a strong and very much recommended pick for any potential pilot.”
  • Above review also published in the Small Press Bookwatch, October 2011
  • Newspaper article in The Record-Courier: Aviation book teaches valuable lessons, September 14, 2011 by Caryn Haller
  • Newspaper article also run in The Nevada Appeal, September 18, 2011

About the Author

Reya in airplane cockpit with headset

A private pilot with 160 hours, Reya Kempley sought a way to learn about in-flight emergencies that better simulated the realities of decision making that all pilots face. She learned to fly with her brother after earning a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Art from the University of Nevada, Reno, and discovered a new passion in aviation. She currently runs a business with her family and enjoys flying with her brother in the beautiful and challenging landscape of the American West.

In her spare time, in addition to flying and enjoying the outdoors, Reya pursues target shooting, a sport in which she has competed since the age of nine. Representing the USA in three World Shooting Championships, she was a member of a medal-winning team each time.

About the Expert Reviewer

John B. Brown earned his private pilot certificate as a teenager, during the summer between high school graduation and his freshman year in college. He has logged more than 8,000 total hours and provided student pilots with 6,000 hours of CFI/CFII flight instruction.

He has three college degrees and spent the majority of his career in corporate America, as an executive with Fortune 500 companies. When he retired from corporate life, he decided to pursue his life-long infatuation with aviation, in terms of starting a flight school and sharing his aeronautical passion with others. He was motivated in this direction based on previous teaching experience at a major Eastern University and having been a corporate training executive.

John resides in Northern Nevada and owns a flight school, Flying Start Aero, LLC with locations based in Reno and Minden, Nevada.

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