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Visit Women’s Wing at AOPA Aviation Summit

Thank you to Women in Aviation, International (WAI) for the opportunity they’ve given me in a book signing in the Women’s’ Wing at the AOPA Aviation Summit! Find the official news release linked below, with details on all WAI-related events scheduled in Hartford. WAI Actively Participates in AOPA Aviation Summit

AOPA Aviation Summit 2011

Hartford, Connecticut will host this year’s Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Aviation Summit, September 22-24. Catch a few education sessions for everyone from aspiring pilots to seasoned pros, explore the exhibit hall and see the newest technology at products, and enjoy Airportfest at Harford Brainard Airport, with 100 aircraft on display. There will also […]

Minden’s Aviation Roundup

The Minden-Tahoe airport in northern Nevada was home to the Aviation Roundup Air Show this past weekend! Great displays ranged from military aircraft to homebuilt amphibious planes to classic cars. Local vendors set up long rows of tents and exciting aerobatic performance sfilled the skies. I had a display for a special advance signing of […]

Flight Emergency now on Amazon.com

Monday morning was punctuated by some exciting news in my inbox: Flight Emergency is now available for pre-order on amazon.com! Check out the listing, which is complete with cover image, endorsements, and a book description. It’s great that amazon.com welcomes both large and small publishers, established and new authors. The next order of business is […]

Pre-Order Now Available!

Breaking news: Flight Emergency is in its final print form, moving out to be considered for reviews, and available for pre-order! Go to our Order page now and be the first on your block to get a copy. Also, be sure and check out our updated About the Book page, now with several advance endorsements. […]

Special Delivery Part 2

The first proof copy has been under the microscope since it arrived. I’ve found that some errors just don’t show themselves until they’re bound and in print! Long lists of necessary changes have been noted and checked off. Small changes in color and design have been applied to the cover. A few more pages in […]

Special Delivery

Today was a momentous day. It wasn’t the gale-force headwind that tried—and failed—to cease my forward motion on my bicycle ride, or my experimental foray into lemon pudding cakes (which turned out delightfully, if not perfectly). Today was special because I received the first proof copy of my book! It isn’t too often that a […]