Calling all Centurion Owners: Read Flying the Cessna 210 by Chuck McGill

Own a Cessna 210 or looking to buy one? Chuck McGill’s new book Flying the Cessna 210: The Secrets Unlocked should be on your reading list!

This all-new primer on owning and flying the Cessna 210 Centurion is dedicated to helping all who own or want to fly a Cessna 210 master the art of piloting this complex airplane. Author Chuck McGill covers the wide gamut of 210 models, accessories, and modifications, offering his wisdom on optimum performance and safe operations based on his thousands of hours flying and teaching in the airplane. Flying the Cessna 210 contains 114 full-color photographs and illustrations, as well as abundant facts, tips, and techniques to help anyone command the Centurion for the best performance and safety.

While offering some background on the C210, T210, and P210, the book is much less about history and mechanics, focusing instead on systems and operations. Its 11 chapters and extensive Appendix offer insight into common operational issues during preflight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing operations unique to each model of the 210. Additionally, it goes a long way to help pilots of airplanes with STC’d mods, accessories, and new avionics understand how those enhancements can be best used to make the most of safe flight operations. The book also highlights the versatility and utility of this multitalented aircraft.

Chuck McGill is a Master CFI five times over, with over 12,500 hours of total flight time and 8,500 hours of instruction given. In 2009 he was named the FAA CFI of the Year for the Western Pacific Region.

I’m proud to have been a part of producing this invaluable resource that will help every 210 pilot be safer and more proficient.

Get your copy of Flying the Cessna 210 now in print from Marv Golden, or as an ebook for Kindle and Kindle apps. Additional outlets will soon be available. Visit SafeFlight International for more information.