Flight Emergency Book Review: Literary R&R

What do non-pilots think of Flight Emergency? Kathy on Literary R&R has written a great book review from this perspective. She picks up on two key points I wanted to convey to readers:

  1. Most emergencies and accidents are the result of pilot error. She says, “It was interesting to me to see how so much of the scenarios were results of error or bad judgement on the part of the pilot.” Very true, Kathy! It makes me wonder if the perception is otherwise in the non-aviation community, that emergencies and accidents due to mechanical problems are more prevalent than they actually are?
  2. Bad decisions can “snowball” into worse situations and decisions. Accidents are so often the result of one bad decision after another, each one leading to more danger and fewer safe options. But sometimes all it takes is one good decision to break this chain and end the flight safely!

She also mentions that she’d like to see this interactive approach to teaching in other industries. I’ve pondered the same possibility.

If you enjoy reading, please check out Literary R&R, a fantastic book review site with a fun personality. Thanks to Kathy and Mandy for the book review!