Life Goes in Circles at the Reno Library

What did summer vacations mean to you when you were a child? To me, it meant days of carefree play outdoors, road trips with the family, and reading as many books as I possibly could! One of the things I looked forward to most was when my dad would take my brother and me to the downtown Reno library. I remember how immense the space seemed to me then, the pebbles in the floor, and the big planter below the skylights that seemed so far above. I spent what seemed like hours scouring the stacks, carefully selecting a pile of books to devour in the next couple of weeks. When my dad finally pried me away, or when my poor younger brother had reached his saturation point (he was not as much of a bookworm as I was then!), I proudly carried my selections to the check-out counter like newly found treasure. I remember starting to read them in the car on the way home, not able to wait to immerse myself in a new story. While summers are no longer quite as carefree and full of innocent leisure today, I still love to discover a new book at the library and read it outside on a sunny summer’s day.

So you can imagine how meaningful it was to me when I found out that my book is now sitting in that same library! I had previously submitted a copy for consideration, and it was accepted. Find Flight Emergency cataloged here in the downtown Reno library. Doesn’t life go in amazing, surprising circles?

If you’re in Reno, why not stop by the downtown library and check it out? Introduce the book to someone you know, child or grown-up. Add it to your own collection the next time you visit. Who knows, it might inspire someone’s future to take to the skies.