Publicity in Aviation for Women Magazine!

If you’re a Women in Aviation, International (WAI) member, you may have noticed a little blurb on me in your July/august issue of Aviation for Women magazine! Look at the lower right corner on page 17, and you’ll find a small picture of a recent custom drawing I did (originally 18×24 inches) and some information about what I offer, as well as a link to my Etsy shop.

Do you have a photo of a plane or something else you’d like to turn into a pencil or pen drawing? I’d love to create a special gift or keepsake for you. Often subjects for this purpose are airplanes and houses as gifts for owners. I even recently drew a lion for a special boy that was very well received. Contact me and we can talk about your ideas!

Thank you so much to Amy Laboda and everyone at WAI who generously offered me some publicity.

magazine page with custom artwork article
Page 17 from the July/August issue of Aviation for Women, with a blurb about my artwork!